10 thoughts on “Ponydroid and Mipony for Mac updated”

  1. As I cannot recognize waiting time until the next downloading at the time of free downloading from “https://filejoker.net/”, it is for an all error other than one first downloading

  2. Without being recognizable in downloading having been finished in a server side at the stage when the first downloading terminated in the downloading from “http://rapidgator.net/”; from next cannot download it

  3. Thanks for the update but some links no longer work correctly
    New Filefactory links are all broken
    Download resume for K2S no longer working. All their new links show up as broken too.
    Fileboom captcha’s glitching.

  4. From this morning from “http://depfile.com/” was not able to download it. Though I could download it from a browser and rebooted a PC, I was not able to download it from MiPONY.

  5. Any chance filefactory and keepshare can be fixed? All links show up dead on mipony but work on internet browser

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