Mipony vs. TotalD

As download managers, both Mipony and TotalD work very well. The Direct Download download is very optimized in both getting minimized waiting times and optimize the maximum connection. However each one of them has particular features that make them more convenient for the taste of each user.

Here you have a comparison of the features that differentiate them:

4 thoughts on “Mipony vs. TotalD”

  1. mipony need only update in grafich user interface and update in some link host example nowdownload , vidgot portas share video film and serie tv . With upadate mipony is applicacion numer one

  2. still I do not understand how a person will have access to the direct link can still use the torrent (lol) ……. moreover totald has many internal bug …… has only improved graphics compared to Mipony is moreover does not recognize many ……. server IMHO Mipony if it were updated with modern graphics and would add additional servers would become the number one donwload manager n_n

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