Mipony 2.3.0.

New version of Mipony, we have fixed problems, added new sites and updated others.

List of changes:
-Recaptcha v2 in independent window instead of integrated browser.
-Updated click’n load.
-Fixed, Mipony can not start on some computers with AVG.
-Improved stability and fixed errors reported.
-Fixed start all and stop all buttons when list is collapsed.
-Updated easybytez.com
-Updated extmatrix.com
-Updated Linestorage.com
-Updated idup.in
-Updated filedwon.info
-Updated inclouddrive.com
-Updated clicknupload.com
-Updated 4upfiles.com
-Added veodrop.com
-Removed asfile.com
-Removed uploadhero.com
-Removed filemonkey.in
-Removed ultramegabit.com
-Removed safesharing.eu

16 thoughts on “Mipony 2.3.0.”

  1. I am running Windows 7. I have the newest version of Mipony. Since I have upgraded, Mipony will not start. I have to rerun the installation program each time I reboot my PC in order to get Mipony running.
    What gives?

  2. Hiya…Can you please tell me if you have lots of bloatware with this version as the last version I downloaded did and messed up my computer?…TIA

  3. would you please accept longer file names so I can download files someone puts on trustfiles?

    Can we download without going to the home page which is in a language I don’t know?

  4. With 2.3.0, both Turbobit and Filejoker run through captcha an then get “Download Error” every time. The same files download fine through a browser.

  5. For what reason after the update i lost ALL the links i had in download ?

    What is the procedure for recover them ?

  6. since I updated to 2.3.0, Mipony doesn’t work. Just hung-up Mipony window at the start-up, so I cannot do anything. I am using Windows7 64bit. Mipony 2.2.4 and old ones were worked very good. I uninstalled Mipony 2.3.0 and deleted every setting files and installed it again. but I faced to the same situation. omg…

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