Web Sites Database DB124 updated for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database updated for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.

List of changes:
-Updated zippyshare.com
-Updated solidfiles.com
-Updated rusfolder.com
-Updated filecloud.io
-Added gboxes.com

19 thoughts on “Web Sites Database DB124 updated for Mipony”

  1. Mipony no longer recognize my Nitroflare premium acc. There are 65 days till my premium expires but Mipony display the “Free|Get premium” option. My login and pass are entered conrrectly so don’t know what the problem is.

  2. It would be REALLY good if Zippyshare actually worked again. Despite the update, it was less than 24 hours before it stopped working again, and continued giving the Download Error message.

  3. I cannot confirm the effectiveness of the link of “depositfiles.com” yesterday. There is the file when I open by a browser, but “available” becomes “X” when I am going to confirm the effectiveness in “MiPONY”.

  4. Lolabits and Zippyzhare don’t work well. Could you update the database and/or program, please? Thanks in advance!

  5. hugefilesconfigguy

    Guys, hugefiles supports 2 parts downloads and more than 1 one download at a time. You should change the config file to support that. Thank you.
    Love the program by the way.

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