Mipony 2.2.1.

New version of Mipony, we have fixed problems, added new sites and updated others.
Download the new version here.

List of changes:
-Updated zippyshare.com
-Do not wait until a Mega file is decrypted to start with the next download.
-Reduced CPU usage.
-Added search box on downloads window. You can use it to search for files on Internet or to search in the downloads list.
-Fixed capture clipboard when Firefox is closed.
-Fixed: can not enter captchas on remote control.
-Esc or Enter keys closes anotate password form.
-Hosts on stats tree are sorted by name.
-Edit/copy password for history items.
-Show item tooltips on download list when the text (name, size, etc.) is not completely visible.
-Fixed “File in use” problem with multisegment downloads.
-It is possible now to add manually a referring web address for each detected link.
-Updated mediafire.
-Updated Japanese (Thanks to Tilt).

25 thoughts on “Mipony 2.2.1.”

  1. As with every new version of my pony when i try to install it raise an error
    sayng that my windows version is not appropriate and verify if I need the 32 or 64 version of my pony. But i cannot seeany possibility to choose the version of my pony to download

    I’m using windows 7 64 bit

  2. Please could you add an option to the scheduler where all queued files can be stopped but any downloading files will continue until completed. Thanks for the great program.

  3. its really nice to see the new version, but i mean really,REALLY?! can you test it before release it?
    zippyshare is not working at all,
    the installer is a huge problem, if one want to install, you have to close all the firewall to do it…, why can’t you use an offline installer? is using online installer really that fancy?
    the cpu usage seems to be larger than before, I don’t see any improvement….

  4. I can confirm zippyshare not working. In addition shared.com, solidfiles.com, sockshare,com and others are not working, too.

  5. still more update but zippyshare wont work even if u claim it has been fixed
    \I start to think your so called updates are just a way to catch pppl asleeep at the whell and they install all that garbage you are trying to sneak on our machines !1
    Im gonna be looking at othe options very soon since you cant seem to get your shit together

  6. Mieselli Treviuo

    2 things:

    1. Please add upstore.net premium

    2. I don’t know what happened, but though I have a lots of premium accs, I always get captcha errors now and I can’t get anything to enter these captchas.

    Please fix it.

  7. Hey Mipony devs!

    First off, I love this program. I mainly use this, switching over to IDM for a couple of obscure downloads from time to time. I don’t even want to think about JD2.

    Anywho, I noticed today with 2.2.0 that I was having trouble with both an Uploaded and Rapidgator file. I couldn’t download a file. I then updated to 2.2.1 but I’m having the same problem. I tried the file through Internet Download Manager, however, and it’s working there. Any ideas?

  8. Hello Mipony devs!

    Actually, disregard my last post. Turns out I had the download speed limited to 10 KB/s. I never turned that option on, but it happened. Somehow.

    Anyways, everything is back to being awesome again. Thanks for all your hard work!

  9. Luckyshare has not been working for me for a while (at least a month). It times out before the download starts in MiPony and in a browser. Any clues?

  10. PUTLOCKER doesnt work
    cant determine file size and name from the link
    and cant download either.


  11. Norton Security detects your installer as a threat (Suspicious.cloud9). Please whitelist it or make sure it is somehow clean so we can use it safely. Thanks in advance.

  12. Like Zed say, as with every new version of mipony online installer,
    i always got an error during installation (e.g unstable internet connection).
    I’m most preffered of Mipony Offline Installer. ???

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