Web Sites Database DB91 updated for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database updated for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.

List of changes:
-Updated filefactory.com
-Updated mediafire.com
-Updated depfile.com
-Updated adf.ly
-Added download support for megacrypter.com
-Added download support for file4go.com
-Added download support for upf.co.il
-Updated played.to
-Removed peeje.com
-Removed appscene.org
-Removed filedefend.com
-Removed filemates.com

16 thoughts on “Web Sites Database DB91 updated for Mipony”

  1. About “junocloud.me”, would you make modifications?
    DB91 cannot download it as ever even if I update it. To a reinstallation of “MiPONY” and other PCs installed it,; but from “junocloud.me” was not able to download it.

  2. I am unable to install the latest update. After, downloading the MiPony installer and running it, the install program gets as far as the agreement/license and it freezes there. The NEXT button will not work, so I am unable to go any further. I have to kill the install program through the Windows Task Manager to get it to close.

  3. Download from uploaded/ul.to is impossible with mipony on free account. Using browser, JDownloader and FreeRapid Downloader all works perfectly.

  4. Heath "Joker" Ledger

    please add feature like FDM

    “Simultaneous downloading from several mirrors”
    ‘Free Download Manager is able to download files from several mirrors simultaneously.’

  5. From “freakshare.com” cannot download it. After the image certification, I fail in downloading.
    The downloading from “junocloud.me” is not possible as ever, too. Before the image certification, I fail in downloading.
    I would like immediate improvement.

  6. The downloading from “freakshare.com” came to be possible.
    It is the same as before, and the downloading from “junocloud.me” does not come.
    I expect immediate improvement.

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