Web Sites Database DB57 update for Mipony

We released a Web Sites Database update for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.
-Updated mediafire.com
-Added support for filesonic premium password protected files
-Updated megaupload.com

47 thoughts on “Web Sites Database DB57 update for Mipony”

  1. there is a problem with filesonic when i try to download it just starts counting time it put 1:00 so i waited an hour and still it just repeated but when i do it web i used google chrome it downloads normally

  2. Filesonic.com files shows ‘Download Error’ message!
    Works fine when downloading directly from the site. Please correct it if possible.

    Thank you for this awesome software! 🙂

  3. Am having download error with Wupload though the file is available to download directly from the site.

    Please take a look at it and thanks in advance for help.

  4. hey, why the mipony-0captcha-striung always appear although I have input the right phrase & it occurs more than 10 times.
    could you fix it?
    Thanks a lots.

  5. There is a serious problem with captchatrader and mipony when using plugin. Mipony subtracts captchas for good and bad solvings (or doesn’t send error reports correctly). Mipony is eating my captchatreader points, please solve this!

  6. The latest update pretty much killed my fileserve connection and wouldn’t download. After I got it wortking it the speeds were horrendoulsy slow. I tried to download the same files via other methods and they worked faster. Plus at 1st the programme wouldnt even see the links I copied ad pasted to work. Showed up as not there when I knew they were

  7. Hello little genius!
    Any answers for the problem of the “list of downloading files” in wait after a crash?
    Thanks a lot for this great work.

    (It’s doesn’t goes anymore, even after try everything. I don’t know what i’ll doing???)

  8. Found a problem when I’m trying to download from “Filesonic” as Download Error message.
    Same problem as Mr.Joe on December 17th.
    Please solve this problem.

  9. Please ignore my post on Dec 23, 2011 at 18:35. The problem I’m having is that Mipony is not detecting legitimate filesonic files, like the following:


    It is not the length of the URL that is causing the problem. I’m speculating that it is the character as opposed to numeric data in last portion of the URL that is causing the problem.

  10. Thanks for tjis cool software.
    With new update Mipony can`t detect no more filesonic files when i copy links.
    Before this update all works perfect.

  11. i have filejungle premium account, but mipony can only make 2 concurrent downloads, while i can have over 5 with firefox. this is a bug, right?

  12. hello, filesonic won’t captcha, but does work when right-clicking on Download Link Via Web then DL’s via browser just fine (after captcha’d). I could not find an option for Mipony to spoof as a browser heading though.


  13. Echoing many people above, mipony does not recognize password-protected mediafire links right now. It can still download a file that does not have password though. It’s been like this for the past few weeks.

  14. since v1.6 I can not download from rapidshare. The links are good.
    I can download the same links from chrome…
    Am I doing something wrong?

  15. there is no Bayfile in the premium section and mipony is not updating when opened.
    have you updated bayfiles onto the list yet?
    if yes how do i force mipony to update?

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