Mipony in Megaleecher.net

Mipony analyzed by Megaleecher.net:
“Mipony – Simply The Best Ever Automated Downloader For Popular Free File-Hosters”

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Mipony in megaleecher.net

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3 thoughts on “Mipony in Megaleecher.net”

  1. Mipony is the best downloader for Rapidshare & Megaupload files, in my opinion, since I have Premium accounts for both and have already used numerous DLclients before making the switch!

    The ONLY problems I have with Mipony(I hope they fix them soon)…

    1. No ability to set/change your file’s Download Speeds (default is locked to “Normal”)

    2. “Clear Completed” works only if you CLOSE Mipony (this should be an option for “After” your Downloaded files complete, in my opinion)

    3. No ability too UPLOAD files to Rapidshare/MegaUpload/Hotfiles; etc (this is a biggie)

    Otherwise, than those (3)features left out, Mipony is definitely the only client to use especially if you have Premium accounts in any of the websites mentioned!

    Thanks guys…for this client~!

  2. Hi,
    I want to know i am a premium member of storage.to, hotfile, and rapidshare but here i can put only rapidshare, hotfile and megauplode premium account i want to also put id and password for storage.to what can i do pls advise me or give me some sofwate name with which i can download files from storage.to with full speed.


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