Mipony 3.0.5, new version


List if changes:

-Improved stability.
-Fixed clear completed on exit sometimes did not work.
-Updated Greek translation (thanks to Spyros).
-Updated Youtube.
-Updated datafilehost.com.
-Updated tezfiles.com.
-Updated yadi.sk.
-Updated depositfiles.
-Updated Mega-debrid.
-Updated Alldebrid.
-Updated Premiumize.me.
-Updated Zevera.

Web Sites Database updated for Mipony


We released a Web Sites Database updated for Mipony.
Mipony will update itself when it starts, you have to do nothing.

List of changes:

-Updated depositfiles.
-Updated Mega-debrid.
-Updated Alldebrid.
-Updated Premiumize.me.
-Updated Zevera.

Mipony, the best download manager


Mipony is the most complete download manager, download bittorrents, Youtube videos and direct downloads. Now with the Pro version of Mipony you can download torrents without limits.

Also download the Youtube videos to maximum quality with the Pro version.

Add your premium accounts of the most important servers in the version of Mipony for Windows and avoid waiting times.

You can use Mipony on Android by downloading Ponydroid on Google Play. And for Mac you have Mipony for Mac.

Mipony 3.0.4, new version


List of changes:

-Improved stability.
-Fixed overwrite exported file.
-Fixed rename file did not selecte the old name.
-Fixed prevent computer sleep while downloading.
-State icons when minimized to the tray bar.
-Updated userscloud.
-Updated 1fichier.
-Updated mexashare.
-Updated yadi.sk.
-Updated datafile.com.
-Updated filespace.com.
-Updated upload4earn.
-Added nofile.io.
-Added file-up.org.
-Added uploadev.com.
-Added uploadproper.net.
-Added speed4up.com.
-Added direct download of pdf and mkv files.
-Updated Slovak language (thanks to Vladimir).
-Updated Italian translation (thanks to Max).

Download Bittorrents

With Mipony, you can download bittorrents, direct downloads and online video simultaneously all from the same screen without changing any preference.

If you want to download Bittorrent, Mipony is your tool. First you have to update Mipony to version 3.0.3 or newer.

Once Mipony is installed, open the program and in the “Add links” screen you just have to paste the bittorrent link.

Then you just have to give “Download selected” and start downloading.


To monitor the download, in the “Downloads” screen you can see the process and pause and resume it as you wish.
With TotalD you can download Bittorrents, just change the interface.



Mipony 3.0.3, new version


List of chamges:

-Fixed priorities.
-Save the column used to sort.
-Download speed limit for Direct downloads is more accurate.
-Reduced CPU use on high speed downloads.
-Improved stability.
-Fixed download Youtube videos with high quality.
-Audio from Youtube videos now is saved in mp3 format.
-Show in green color the links detected that already have been downloaded.
-Fixed, torrent subfiles were downloaded even if they were excluded in the Add torrent window.
-Fixed, the list of the last folders selected didn’t save new folders for torrents.
-Fixed, could not stop sharing several items at the same time.
-Fixed problem adding torrent when Mipony was closed.
-Fixed, Mega now can be used with unrestrictors.
-Updated mexashare.
-Fixed some Mega accounts could not login.

Mipony for Mac, new version


List of changes:

-Fixed compatibility issues with OS X Mojave.
-Fixed icons and texts were not correctly displayed in some computers.

Mipony 3.0.1, new versión


List of changes:

-Fixed, notifications were shown for complted files even with notifications disabled.
-Fixed error showing Options Window.
-Fixed, change targer folder did not work for direct downloads.
-Updated Chinese translation (thanks to egfree).
-Updated Korean translation (thanks to 장재평).
-Updated Japanese translation (thanks to Tilt).
-Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Igor).
-Updated French translation (thanks to rico).