Dropbox uses Lepton, a compression format, to encode jpg images and saved storage space. Lepton is a lossless open source algorithm capable of compressing images at 5 MB/s and decompressing them at 15 MB/s. This compression format allows the compression of JPEG images saving on average a 22% of size without losing quality in the process of compression and when it is decompressed the image is exactly the original one. You can imitate to Dropbox and compress your JPG to save space in your cloud servers using WinLep.

WinLep compresses JPEG and decompresses LEP, moreover it can display JPEG and LEP compressed files.

New version of Mipony, we have fixed problems, added new sites and updated others.

List of changes:
-Fixed in some computers the captcha window was out of the screen.
-When many links were detected Mipony was frozen in some computers.
-Updated mega.nz
-Updated bigfile.to
-Updated rusfolder.com
-Added debfile.com
-Added mexashare.com

As download managers, both Mipony and TotalD work very well. The Direct Download download is very optimized in both getting minimized waiting times and optimize the maximum connection. However each one of them has particular features that make them more convenient for the taste of each user.

Here you have a comparison of the features that differentiate them:

TotalD, the download manager that support direct download, online video and torrents, has a new version.
TotalD 1.3.0 has updated direct download sites that were failing and Vimeo (a online video site) and, also, to improve the usability of the software, it has added the option to shutdown or hiberntare the computer when all downloads are completed.

New version of Mipony, we have fixed problems, added new sites and updated others.

List of changes:
-Show Windows 10 style notification when files are completed or links are detected.
-New option to change the destination folder for links in the downloads list.
-Press enter/Escape in the window for when we add an existing file.
-Avoid closing Mipony when it is decrypting a file.
-Remember and restore captcha window position.
-When the download folder does not extist, Mipony will create it instead of changing to the default folder.
-Network paths are not reseted to the default download path when the network path is not found.
-Sorting downloads by status now sorts the downloading files first,then waiting, etc. and not alphabetically.
-Sorting downloads by priority now sorts higher priority first instead of alphabetically.
-Show the speed in the title bar before the version number, so you can easily see the speed in the Windows task bar.
-Double click a completed download will open the file.
-Use Ctrl+F to search for files in the downloads list.
-Downloads history now can be saved for up to 2 years period.
-Keep selection when moved a group of files to the first or the last position.
-Removed download file segments limit for Rapidgator premium downloads.
-Fixed some downloads were corrupted.
-CaptchaBrotherhood Plugin loading has been disabled since it no longer works.
-Mipony can now download from uploaded.net using more segments.
-Now the referer url can be set to many downloads at the same time.
-Updated uploaded.net
-Updated Google Drive.
-Updated solidfiles.com
-Updated keep2share.cc
-Updated downace.com
-Updated sdilej.cz
-Updated androidfilehost.com
-Updated box.com
-Updated uploadocean.com
-Updated hitfile.com
-Updated turbobit.net
-Updated backin.net
-Updated upstore.net premium
-Updated downace.com
-Updated uloz.to
-Added dropbox.com
-Added up07.net
-Added gavitex.com
-Added bdupload.info
-Added erafile.com
-Added cloudup.com
-Added vodlocker.com
-Added filetrip.net
-Added megafileupload.com
-Removed fileswap.com
-Removed shareflare.net
-Removed revclouds.com
-Removed minus.com
-Removed filesin.com
-Removed filesuniverse.com
-Removed uploadbaz.com
-Removed 24uploading.com
-Removed zorofiles.com
-Removed myupload.dk
-Removed speedyshare.com
-Removed sharing.zone

Mipony is specialized in downloading direct download links. But for those that want more, it exists now TotalD, a download manager which, of course downloads direct download links, but you can also download torrents and online videos as YouTube.
With Windows 10-style design, TotalD download all kinds of files that you can monitor from a single interface.
Of course, you can include your premium accounts to download your files faster.

New version of Mipony, we have fixed problems, added new sites and updated others.

List of changes:
-Updated mega.nz
-Updated yadi.sk
-Added cloud.mail.ru
-Added diskokosmiko.mx
-Added uploading.site
-Updated datafile.com
-Updated uloz.to
-Fixed rename file when there are downloading files with the same name.
-Added sharing.zone
-Updated filecloud.io
-Updated backin.net
-Added samaup.com
-Added gulfup.cc
-Removed gulfup.com
-Added Jeodrive.com
-Added cnubis.com
-Updated prefiles.com
-Added uploads.to
-Added br2share.net
-Added upl.one
-Added rapidu.net
-Added rapidrar.com
-Added mega-debrid.eu
-Updated filesflash.com
-Updated Google Drive
-Updated subyshare.com
-Updated nowdownload.co
-Added ziifile.com
-Added uploadx.org
-Added loadus.net
-Added doraupload.com
-Added ulnow.com
-Added uploadocean.com